Mystery Box (3 items)
Mystery Box (3 items)
Thrifted by Jenna

Mystery Box (3 items)

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This mystery box will be curated for you!

You will receive a minimum of 3 items that I personally have purchased second hand. Each item will be clothing , examples, tops, tanks, shorts, pants, sweaters, etc. 

Once purchased, I will reach out to you via email asking for your sizes and Pinterest board of outfits/clothing you like. During this time, you may give me a list of colours you prefer and colours you dislike along with certain articles of clothing you don't want.

This box will be featured in an upcoming Youtube video, where I personally shop for you and the others who purchased a mystery box!

Each box will take 2-3 weeks to ship.

You may only purchase one mystery box per launch, if you purchase more, you will be refunded for all but one. This is to keep it fair so others can also purchase a box.