25 winter + fall outfits

Most of the items seen in this video are thrifted, but the ones that weren't I will link them below or if I can find a similar item to my thrifted items. 


outfit one

  • thrifted sweater vest
  • aritzia patterned pants
  • dr.martens 8053
  • thrifted guess purse

outfit two

outfit three

outfit four

outfit five

outfit six

outfit seven

outfit eight

outfit nine

  • thrifted men's sweater
  • thrifted turtleneck
  • thrifted bucket hat
  • vegan jadon dr. martens
  • thrifted purse
  • thrifted bucket hat

outfit ten

outfit eleven

outfit twelve

outfit thirteen

  • thrifted leather jacket
  • thrifted sweater
  • thrifted mens dress shirt
  • thrifted levis jeans
  • dr. martens 8053
  • thrifted guess purse

outfit fourteen

outfit fifteen

outfit sixteen

outfit seventeen

outfit eighteen

outfit ninteen

outfit twenty

outfit twenty-one

outfit twenty-two

  • thrifted coat
  • thrifted blouse 
  • thrifted men's levis jeans
  • b2 boots

outfit twenty-three

outfit twenty-four

outfit twenty-five

  • thrifted sweater
  • thrifted men's pants 
  • dr. martens 8052
  • thrifted bag
  • thrifted scarf
*some links are affiliate links
*if (similar) is beside the item, it is not the exact item but a similar item i found

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