Beginner DIY: Faux fur bags

sewing tutorial

This faux fur bag tutorial is geared towards beginner sewers! This would be a great first project when it comes to sewing. 

Watch the video for step by step instructions on how to create each bag.



For each bag, I had a half yard of fabric, but you definitely make two bags out of the half yard of fabric.

Small: Bag/Liner - 8.5x"11" on the fold // Strap - 4"-5" x 14" on the fold

Medium: Bag/Liner - 12" x 11" on the fold // Strap - 4"-5" x 18" on the fold

Large: Bag/Liner - 14" x 12" on the fold // Strap - 4"-5" x 20" on the fold

You can change the sizes to the dimensions you like, these are just the approximate sizes I used in inches.


I personally bought mine at my local fabric store, Fabricana, but here are some places you can buy similar fabric.

Cow Print:

Dalmation Print:

Daisy Print:

Zebra Print:

** please note, I have not used any of the fabric mentioned above before.


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